How to create a split URL test

Split URL tests allow you to test two different pages hosted on different URLs. Your traffic is split between the two pages and conversions are measured to decide which version wins. The main difference between a split URL test and other types of tests offered by Neat A/B Testing is that each variant is hosted on a different URL. 

Creating a test

To create a test, click the Create a test button in the upper right of your screen, then click Split URL Test. After you click, you will be taken to the create form. 

This form just has four fields:

Name: This is how your test will appear in the dashboard. Your customers won't see this. 

Redirect title: This will be visible to your customers, and we base the redirect URL on this. For example, if you enter my test in this field, your redirect URL will look like

Control url: This is the control URL for your test. Paste the URL of the first variant here. 

Test url: This is the test URL fo your test. Paste the URL of the second variant here. 

Then, just click Start test and the redirect will be created. 

You can find the main redirect url on your dashboard after you create the test right below the test name. 

How it works

Send traffic to your main redirect URL. When a visitor hits this page, they will be randomly redirected to one of the two variants. We cookie the user so that any time that visitor visits the redirect URL, they will be served the same variant. 

Please note that you can substitute your main domain into the redirect url when you link to it. So if your redirect URL shows in the dashboard as and your site is hosted on, you can link to and it will work.

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