Creating a theme test

With Neat A/B Testing theme tests, you can test the appearance of your product pages. This allows you to find out which layouts and themes do the best job of making sales for your shop. When someone visits a product page, Neat A/B Testing records 

  • Which version of the product page they saw
  • When a user adds a product to their cart
  • When a user purchases a product

Testing changes to your current theme

Creating a test starts outside of Neat A/B Testing. In your Shopify admin, go to Sales Channels -> Online Store. 

Then duplicate your theme by clicking Actions -> Duplicate 

Then, click "Customize theme" on your new theme and make any changes you would like to test to your product page. Shopify offers extensive help on customizing your product page here.

After you have customized your theme, head back to Neat A/B Testing and click the  Create a test button in the upper right of your screen, then click Test your theme. Note that you can only have one theme test running at a time, so if you have an active test you will not be able to create a new one. On the next page, select your new theme and click Test this theme!

Clicking  Submit immediately launches the test theme in your shop. If you go to your shop, and view the product page, you will see your changes. The test and original versions will automatically switch every 24 hours until you pick a winner. 

Important! While you are running a test, do not make any changes to either theme's product pages. It will skew your test results. 

Testing a new theme

If you prefer, you can test an entirely new theme by installing it in your shop and selecting it in the theme test. Please be aware, that this will change the theme for your entire store while testing, not just the product page.

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