Creating a product attribute test

Have you ever wondered if raising or lowering your product prices would earn you more money? Or if more people would click a product if you used a different image on your category pages? Product attribute tests helps you answer these types of questions. With Neat A/B Testing, you can test your products' titles, descriptions, primary images, and pricing. It works by creating two different versions of your product that switch every 24 hours. When someone visits your website, Neat A/B Testing records

  • Which version of the product they saw
  • When a user sees the product on a listing page
  • When a user views the product page
  • When a user adds the product to their cart
  • When a user purchases the product

Neat A/B Testing collects the results and presents them, along with a statistical analysis, on the Neat A/B Testing home screen. From there, you can choose the optimal version of your product and make the permanent. 

Creating a test

To create a test, click the Create a test button in the upper right of your screen, then click Test your product attributes. After you click, you will be taken to a page that lists all the products in your store. Find the product you want to test and click Create a new test. This will bring up a form with your current product attributes filled in. Just change any fields you want to test and click Submit to create a test variant. 

Clicking Submit creates the test version of your product and immediately launches it in your shop. If you go to your shop, and view the product you're testing, you will see your changes. The test and original versions will automatically switch every 24 hours until you pick a winner.

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