Product test ideas

If you're not sure what to get started testing, here are a few simple ideas to try out.

  • What happens if you raise your prices by 10%? If your sales don't change or only drop slightly you could instantly increase your income just by charging more.
  • How about if you lower your pricing by 10%?
  • Do product images with or without people in them get more clicks? If, for example, you sell clothing; does using an image of a model wearing the item perform better than an image of the item on a hanger?
  • Try some product title changes. What happens if you try longer or shorter titles? How about putting the brand name in the product title? Maybe mark your most popular with "popular!" in the title.
  • What can you do to improve your product descriptions? Try putting your product's best features in bold or using bullet points. Does more descriptive language increase your conversions? What if you tell a story?

Pro tip: test one thing at a time

It's best to change one product attribute per test. This helps you isolate factors causing metrics to change. If you test multiple changes at the same time, you risk missing out on additional revenue. For example, if you make two changes at the same time, one could cause your sales to drop while the other increases sales. This could cause you to make the wrong decision when analyzing your test. Stick to one change at a time.

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